The department is made up of Nil Ferrara, Maria Sánchez and Hugo Delecourt.

The Management Department is the liaison between the school management team and the Forum organizers, and is responsible for managing the team and the other departments. They are members of the team of the previous edition who bring experience and leadership to the group.

Department of Corporate Communications

The department is made up of Inés Pinto and Antonio Naranjo.

The Corporate Communications Department is responsible for maintaining communication with other European forums and promoting the Forum ETSEIB for both school students and companies and forums abroad. They are responsible for all the social networks of the Forum.

Departament d'Empresa

The Business Department is made up of Mariona Gibert and Jose Vasco.

The Business Department is in charge of carrying out the contracts with the companies so that they participate in the events organized by the Forum: the Consulting Day and the main event the Forum ETSEIB. They are responsible for correspondence with companies as well as keeping a database where they are listed.

Departament d'Imatge

The department is made up of Arnau Buhigas, Maria Serveto and Àlex Fuentes.

The Image Department is in charge of the elaboration of the aesthetic line, the design of the folder of the edition, the gifts that will be distributed during the Forum to the students, and other material necessary for the advertising of the Forum ETSEIB.

Departament d'Informàtica

The department is made up of Robert García and Biel Nebot.

The IT Department is in charge of making sure the digital resources of the Forum work properly. They are in charge of the website, the registration’forms of students to participate in the activities, to organize the schedules of the collaborators and to manage the apps that are used for the preparation of the Forum.

Logistics department

The department is made up of Arturo Núñez and Adrià Núñez.

The Logistics Department is responsible for ensuring that all events have the necessary resources to be able to take place. They are in charge of managing gifts for businesses and students, managing classrooms for Forum activities and controlling all supplies.