The department is formed by Eduard Torné and Arnau Garcia

The management department is responsible for linking the school's management team with the organizers of the Forum as well as managing the team and helping to manage the other departments. They are members of the team last year that bring experience and leadership to the group.

Business department

The department is formed by Marc Teixidó and Jordi Taltavull

The business department is responsible for bringing contacts with companies so that they participate in the events organized by the FORUM; Consulting Day and the main event at the ETSEIB FORUM are responsible for correspondence with companies as well as for carrying a database where they are included.

Image Department

The department is made up of Judit Novials and Klaus Velten

The image department is mainly responsible for the preparation of the magazine, the design of the folder, the gifts that will be given during the FORUM to the students, and other material necessary for the publicity of the ETSEIB Forum .

Department of logistics

The department is made up of Xavier de Pedro and Carmen Lázaro

The logistics department is responsible for all events having the necessary resources to carry it out. They take care of managing the gifts for companies and students, manage the classrooms to do activities of the Forum and control all the supplies.

Department of corporative communications

The department is made up of Josep Comas and Maria Garabatos

The communication department is in charge of maintaining communication with other European forums and publicizing the Etseib Forum for both school students and foreign companies and forums. They are responsible for all the social networks of the Forum.

ICT Department

The department is formed by Carlos Ordoñez and Maria Fernandez

The computer department is concerned that the digital resources of the Forum will work. They are responsible for bringing the webpage, the students' enrollment forms to do activities, organize the schedules of the collaborators and manage the applications that are used for the development of the Forum.