The day 14 November of the 2018 it happened 4a edition of the Consulting Day, a day in which he participated some of the business more important the consulting sector to give more information on its work and opportunities what offer when students.

The Day is an event derived Consulting Forum which aims to bring together in one space with students consultancies, thus offering the possibility to contact directly with students performing various activities. Similarly, thus establish a direct contact for possible recruitment both interns or recent graduates.

This is the fourth edition, clarifying and consolidating both students demonstrated interest of companies.

You can make two types of activities:


The company has 45 minutes to present a presentation to students. Take place in the Aula Chapel of Our School. The lectures are open and students can attend as many interested.


A classroom where the company qualifies for 45 minutes performs a dynamic group with those profiles that the company will be of interest (previously selected via Curriculum).

You will opportunity of to enjoy workshops and conferences of:

Stay tuned to the opening of registration and do not miss your chance!